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Wisconsin Collab+Blog



Welcome to the website of the Collaborative Family Law Council of Wisconsin. Our goal is to make you aware of your options for the resolution of family disputes - including divorce - and to help you learn about Collaborative, an alternative to the traditional litigated approach.

We encourage you to "Take the Tour" of the Collaborative model to read about the process and watch brief videos featuring Wisconsin practitioners of Collaborative. You may also learn about each team professional using the links to the left. Search for a Collaborative Professional here as well.

WISCONSIN COLLAB+BLOG is the Archive page for past posts, and is a great place to learn more about collaborative law, issues in family law and divorce, and what you should know about financial considerations, parenting, support, and a host of other topics.



Nancy Cannon, PsyD (retired) on the value of the Collaborative Process


Client Comments

  • I truly believe that with the help of my coach, attorney, child specialist and financial specialist, we were able to get through this stressful event in a manner that was respectful to each other, and most importantly, in consideration our son’s needs…. All of the professionals involved in our case were compassionate, helpful and nonjudgmental….I cannot imagine going through a traditional divorce…

    Karen, Values ALL team members