The Affiliate Member


Couples in the Collaborative process have the ability to use the services of the AFFILIATE Member - a professional with unique skills and services that can be invaluable to both parties during and after the divorce.

Affiliate members are often called upon the client and the Collaborative team to assist with everything from the sale of the home, arranging workable and realistic college funding for children, investment of pension and other assets at the conclusion of the process, and a host of other services.

Affiliate members actively participate in the efforts of the Collaborative Family Law Council to make people aware of Collaborative. Each Affiliate goes through a training period that means they understand the emotional and practical challenges of a divorce. In some cases it is advisable to involve an Affiliate member in the process early - for example, if a home sale is certain - as they can advise you and your Collaborative Team about options based in marketplace reality.

The Find a Professional pages on this website allow you to search for an Affiliate as well.