Why the Collaborative Team Works

Carlton Stansbury, JD, a Collaborative attorney, offers his view on the value of the team to both clients and to his responsibilities as your attorney.

THE VALUE OF THE TEAM APPROACH Couples are often concerned about the “team” approach, yet there are often fewer professionals involved in a Collaborative divorce than in litigation.

In addition to attorneys, coaches, child and financial specialists, you may choose to retain other experts or consultants such as appraisers, mortgage brokers or vocational experts. Unlike traditional litigated cases, where the parties hire competing experts to “fight it out,” both parties in the collaborative process jointly retain the experts they need and consider the options the experts present.

In Wisconsin we are fortunate to have a number of Affiliate members of CFLCW – experts in their field but also trained to deal with the unique issues that arise in a divorce. You can learn more here.